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Taxi Faros

Taxi Faros

Taxi - Special vehicles

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Hotel Erika


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baby stores

1 km. Alexandroupolis - Νew Chile

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant

Tattoo & Professional Body Piercing

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Katerina K. Deligeorgi

Katerina K. Deligeorgi

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Diagnostic Centers

Democritus (Standard diagnostic laboratory)

Democritus - Standard diagnostic laboratory

(Standard diagnostic laboratory)

City: Orestiada
Area: City Center
Address: Orestou 78
Phone number: 25520 - 23300 & 6947 839391

Our goal is the continuous effort for the completeness of our services, within a framework of consistency and respect for the human being.

Outcome of this effort is the dynamic growth of our company and the fulfillment of the wider geographical region of Orestiada and suburbs as Standard Radiology Laboratory.

In modern times, the preventive health check (CHECK UP) at regular intervals is considered imperative, because it leads to early diagnosis of possible pathological findings, thus contributing in a meaningful way in their treatment.

Aiming to prevention and systematic monitoring of the state of our health, the standard diagnostic laboratory has a state of the art modern technological equipment and is subject to strict internal quality control in order to ensure the accuracy of the results.

Therefore, the Centre is running with absolute reliability and the most specialized tests.

The Center performs with absolute reliability even the most specialized tests such as:

  • Blood Tests
  • Microbiological Exams
  • Biochemical Exams
  • Hormonal Exams
  • Immunological Investigations
  • Prenatal Screening
  • Sterility Testing
  • Allergy Testing
  • Virological Monitoring
  • Osteoporosis Testing
  • Tumor Markers
  • Infection Control
  • Electrophoresis of all kinds etc.

Magnetic Tomographer:

  • Examinations of all body organs (brain, chest, abdomen, breasts, angiographies, musculoskeletal, spinal column).


  • Examinations of all body organs.


  • Ultrasounds of all body organs
  • Musculoskeletical Ultrasounds:
  • Shoulder, knee, Achilles tendon, hip in infants.
  • Brain Ultrasound in neonates.

Coloured Vase Triplex:

Carotid - cervica vertebral arteries, veins of upper and lower limb, arms' and legs' arteries, big abdominal vessels, renal vessels.

  • Mammography:
  • Mammography, Breast Ultrasound


Digestive: esophagus, stomach, crossing small colon

Urinary: Intravenous pyelography
Retrograde cystography

Bone densitometry:

OMSS, neck, Femoral, post-operative hip ...


  • Panoramic graphic views of the teeth, cephalometric