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Ikteo evros control (Private K.T.E.O.)

Ikteo evros control - Private K.T.E.O.
(Private K.T.E.O.)
City: Alexandroupolis
Area: Jumbo
Address: 2th klm. Alexadroupoli - Feron
Phone number: 25510 - 32222

The kteo evros control offers high technology and excellent know-how. No more suffering, endless queues and waiting to control your vehicle.Our well trained staff provides service within minutes.

With a simple phone call (25510-32222) book your appointment, the date and time that suits you. We're open weekdays from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm and Saturday from 8:00 am until 16:00.

  • Planning the appointment your ikteo evros control, the date and time desired
  • Attends at Ikteo appointment time
  • Deliver the necessary documents for processing
  • Wait in the resting area until completion of the test
  • The controller tells you about the inspection result and you deliver the technical checklist with documents
  • The controller crashes special health mark on the plate and you're done ...

The technical inspection concerns those subsystems related vehicle safety on the one hand, and the protection of the environment on the other. For this purpose have installed two fully integrated automatic control lines that ensure the absolute reliability of the individual measurements.

The «ikteo evros control» is able to provide reliable measurements without any hassle, easy, inexpensive and fast.

Vehicles & services by category:

  • Passenger private
  • Passenger vans to 3.5 tn
  • Motorcycles
  • Public use trucks
  • Educational trucks (Driving school)
  • Taxi - market
  • Ambulances
  • Educational Vehicles (Driving school)
  • Educational two- (Driving school)
  • Special initial verification (LPG)
  • Voluntary scrutineering
  • Exhaust Control Card (HPC)
  • ABS control
  • ATP Check
  • ADR Monitoring
  • MOT Testing


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