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Taxi Faros

Taxi Faros

Taxi - Special vehicles

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Hotel Erika


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1 km. Alexandroupolis - Νew Chile

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant

Tattoo & Professional Body Piercing

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Katerina K. Deligeorgi

Katerina K. Deligeorgi

Handmade jewelleries - Ceramics

K. Paleologou 62


Jewellery & Accessories

Katerina K. Deligeorgi (Handmade jewelleries - Ceramics)

Katerina K. Deligeorgi - Handmade jewelleries - Ceramics

(Handmade jewelleries - Ceramics)

City: Alexandroupolis
Area: Down Town
Address: K. Paleologou 62
Phone number: 25510 - 88501


In Katerina Deligeorgi’s shop you can find unique handmade creations, designed and crafted by her, in reasonable prices.  The philosophy of the shop revolves around creating with natural materials.

With many years of jewelry design and ceramics experience, she dedicates her creative process to women who appreciate original jewelry and like to make an impression. In her shop you can find jewelry made from semi-precious gemstones, coral, pearls, lava, silver, metal, fabric, lace, driftwood, handmade ceramic pieces and materials which she collects from nature or her travels abroad.

The shop also offers a variety of handmade ceramic sculptures (such as ceramic shoes and hats), wall art made from wood, clay and fabric and many more decorative as well as useful creations.

Each piece of art she brings to life, is hand-crafted without molds. This is what makes her art and jewelry unique, like each one of us, and perfect for anyone who wants to treat themselves or their loved ones to a special gift.

Environmental awareness is a key element of Katerina Deligeorgi’s mentality. Besides the use of natural and repurposed materials, the shop only uses recyclable paper packaging and bags.

Alongside the shop where she exhibits her creations, Katerina Deligeorgi maintains a specially designed ceramics workshop for children. As a trained instructor with experience in child psychology, she shares her knowledge and passion for the art of ceramics with her young students.