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Taxi Faros

Taxi Faros

Taxi - Special vehicles

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Hotel Erika


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baby stores

1 km. Alexandroupolis - Νew Chile

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant

Tattoo & Professional Body Piercing

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Katerina K. Deligeorgi

Katerina K. Deligeorgi

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Βaby Clothes & Products

Lullaby (baby stores)

Lullaby - baby stores

(baby stores)

City: Alexandroupolis
Area: 1 km. Alexandroupolis - Νew Chile
Address: 1 km. Alexandroupolis - Νew Chile
Phone number: 25510 - 20328

Everything under one roof!

The LETO are Baby Stores the most complete collection of baby products, baby and pregnancy species in Greece.

In our stores we await a large welcoming people, made with care for those who are looking for reliable and safe products for the beginning of pregnancy to the first most important years of your baby. The market widest range beneath our roof to get surely you need and what you dream. You can choose from tens of thousands of passwords! Products one by one selected with knowledge and responsibility to meet any small or great need and desire of each tender. Throughout the range! Responsible, make the life of your baby, your small child and your own comfortable! And very beautiful!

Our experienced and professional staff are always on hand to guide you to the sites of each species and to serve you. The shopping here is fast, effortless and complete.

For even your convenience, we split into the following main categories all products that need a baby, toddler and woman pregnancy period. We have ready in colored sections. In this way, entering the LITO, either physical store or online here at a glance know immediately where to go!
Welcome to LETO! We will be glad to see you at one of our store and serve you!