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Michalis Balelis - Kyriakos Terzis (Garage)

Michalis Balelis - Kyriakos Terzis - Garage
City: Alexandroupolis
Area: 12o kil. Alexandroupoli - border
Address: 12o kil. Alexandroupoli - border
Phone number: 25510 - 45620

The company operates in the automotive sector, providing its customers with high quality products and services.

The garage "Michalis Balelis - Kyriakos Terzis" undertakes the repair, maintenance and periodic inspection of your vehicle spare parts and accessories for all companies.

Moreover, in recent years the workshop has been certified and provides installation services LPG, offering an alternative and affordable solution to the movement of the car.

Engineer Car repairs and maintains road vehicles in order to provide the driver with the best possible condition for the vehicle. Vehicle is not just the car engine and fuel system, the drive system, suspension system. Today the modern engineer has at his disposal a variety of diagnostic tools that help diagnose and rectify the deficiencies.

Services - Facilities:

  • Scheduled SERVICE (Special rates) according to the manufacturer
  • Electronic control (Brain) Fault Diagnosis (Clear faults)
  • Cleaning -ogkometrisi injection (injectors)
  • Air condition-Clima-Repairs-Filling Freon - Antifungal Disinfection
  • Preparing MOT (ease for emission control card)
  • Repair of petrol engines (all types)
  • Gearbox-Differential Repair
  • Repair Brake (brake pads, brake shoes, etc.)
  • Repair of steering Body Computer
  • Replacement Shocks-Springs (conversions) - Alignment
  • Refrigerator Replacement
  • Replacement-Repair windows (Jacks)
  • Repair Starter -Dynamo
  • Electronic Control
  • Repair Lantern (Blur)
  • Repairing front steering (Racks, Scissors, tie rod ends, Zamfor, bushes)
  • Installing Gas
  • Fuel system pressure and flow control.