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Auto Parts & Auto Repairs

Ntarmis Theodoros (Carbody - Motorcycle)

Ntarmis Theodoros - Carbody - Motorcycle
(Carbody - Motorcycle)
City: Alexandroupolis
Area: East exit Egnatia road
Address: 4th km Alexandroupolis - Amphitrite
Phone number: 25510 - 32337 - 83700 & 6932 385053

We have fully equipped bodyshop giving reliable solutions and addressing directly every need of your car.

We provide bodywork services, oven paints and exterior improvements of all kinds, with special care for optimal results!

We repair small bumps, crashes and scratches to body painting locally on a day and at a lower cost of conventional technique.

Now at a new address at the 4th km Alexandroupolis - Amphitrite.

  • Fully restore the dents in the bodywork.
  • We repair scratches, dents or cracks in the bumpers of the car.
  • We repair scratches or cracks in the plastic parts of the bike or in the car interior.
  • We repair scratches on the rim intervening and painting locally.
  • Polished and waxed with (4) four different professional ointments your car.
  • Peel organic salon of your car.
  • Place Eye Films of LLumar with health certificate and the legality of the use.
  • Colors (Auto / of and related species). Thermo plastic objects (Plastic service).

We are here to take care of your car. All you have to do is get in touch with us. We wait for you ...

Carbody - Motorcycle Carbody - Motorcycle Carbody - Motorcycle Carbody - Motorcycle Carbody - Motorcycle Carbody - Motorcycle