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Taxi Faros

Taxi Faros

Taxi - Special vehicles

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Hotel Erika


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1 km. Alexandroupolis - Νew Chile

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant

Tattoo & Professional Body Piercing

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Katerina K. Deligeorgi

Katerina K. Deligeorgi

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Rigas (Wine producer)

Rigas - Wine producer

(Wine producer)

City: Alexandroupolis
Area: City Center
Address: 14th May 100
Phone number: 25550 - 31016 & 6945 722105

In "Rigas Vineyards' we produce red wine (brusque, semi-sweet and sweet), raki with or without anise and honey worth everyone to try ...

Since 2004, we are spotted in the well known 14th May, called "anodos" in Alexandroupolis, in the height of KAPI.

The products we offer, we guarantee that they don't contain pesticides, dyes or preservatives. Produced by traditional means to "Rigas Vineyards", located in the region of Gemisti, Evros in hilly area.

For orders please contact us, sending throughout. There is also the possibility to send a sample for testing.

At a time when the logic of the greatest possible profit leads to mass production industry standard agricultural products, "Rigas Vineyards" feel proud to continue to offer pure, traditional high quality and nutritional value in real producer price.

In our vineyards, we grow and produce wine in the traditional way, directly from first crushed grape juice, without chemical or other treatment.


Purification is being done with natural precipitation, without the use of filters and lucent substances which would alter its rich flavor.

The packaging is made of natural flow without the use of pumps or machines, so that the wine does not "hit" and lose freshness.

The preservation in bag and box (bag in box) helps ensure that the content is not degraded when it's coming into contact with light and oxygen, thus keeping its excellent quality until the last drop.

The result is a light wine, bland in flavor, with an intense fruity, pleasantly drunk by all men and women either with the food or as aperitifs.