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Taxi Faros

Taxi Faros

Taxi - Special vehicles

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Hotel Erika

Hotel Erika


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1 km. Alexandroupolis - Νew Chile

Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant

Tattoo & Professional Body Piercing

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Katerina K. Deligeorgi

Katerina K. Deligeorgi

Handmade jewelleries - Ceramics

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Insulation & Building Materials

The Craftsman (Paints - Irons)

The Craftsman - Paints - Irons

(Paints - Irons)

City: Alexandroupolis
Area: Avantos
Address: Avantos 85
Phone number: 25510 - 28901 & 6934 040446

In our shop there is a wide range of branded products that combine high quality at affordable prices.

This is about professional and amateur tools, paints & decorative building, industrial, construction, varnishes, garden tools, ironmongery hardware, sticks etc., all of which support a complete and reliable solution.

100% certified, environmentally friendly, we select our products with your own criteria.

See some of the product categories:

  • Plumbing

Plumbing products, drainage, irrigation, watering fittings & pipes, multilayer accessories etc...

  • Paints with colour mixer

Plastic, acrylic, insulators, enamel solvent, cleaners and protectors, water enamels, water preservatives, solvent varnishes,water varnishes, putties, brushes, rollers, ntoukochromata, special products, solvents, primers, undercoats, adhesive products, sealants, chip products, rust, spray, silicones, etc.

  • Garden Supplies

Garden tools, plastic pots, plastic flower boxes, toolboxes, weirs, etc..

  • Irons:

Chancellery Products: Handles for doors, furniture, doors, wood for curtains, bathroom accessories, handles, mailboxes, etc.

We have all kinds of screws as steel bolts, steel screws, clamping screws and also nuts, washers, grover and generally all kinds of screw products.

Additionally, you will find all kinds of nails, tacks and crochets, fencing, such as Stake mesh, barbed wire, mesh and galvanized wires.

You can also find:

  • Marble processing materials and stones
  • Grinding Products
  • Cutting disks
  • Tools and materials for tiles
  • Adhesives, resins, mortars improvers
  • Mouldings, scrapers

Sanders plaster trowels, featheredge

  • Carts and accessories
  • skerpania, stitches
  • Clothing protective items
  • Garden Tools
  • Toolboxes, aprons, bags building
  • Nets, pads, screens, adhesives
  • metering, spotting and straightening hardware
  • Ramp Tools
  • Cutting Tools
  • Nails, nails made of steel