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Archeological Museum - Samothrace

The archeological museum in Paleopoli hosts a big part of the excavation findings that have been carried out throughout the 20th century in the ancient city (Paleopoli). A copy of the Niki of Samothraki is also on display in the museum.

The building was constructed on the American of Classical Studies Academy’s initiative. (1939-1955).The northern wing was added in 1960-61, based on the designs of architect Stuart M. Shaw of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The rooms are included as follows:

  • Room A: Restored building parts of the Sanctuary
  • Room B: Restored building parts, sculptures, coins
  • Room C: Sculptures, crafted ornaments and pottery from the Sanctuary and the Ancient City
  • Room D: Findings unearthed in the necropolis
  • Gazebo: Inscriptions

The museum’s most important exhibits are:

  • Embossed beetles bestowed by a pilgrim in the location of the former Temple (1st half of the 7th century BC)
  • Parts of marble frieze with dancers from the former Temple (340 BC)
  • Capitals of jambs from the western arcade in the Ptolemeos the 2nd bastion with embossed griffin decoration devouring a deer (285-281 BC)
  • Black ceramic container that is believed to be painted by the artsit Eucharidis (around 500-490 BC) Treadle scenes and new wine tasting by Hercules and Dionysos
  • Panathenean amphora that is believed to be painted by the artist Efilitos or his workshop (525 BC) a race on the one side and goddess Athena armed on the other
  • Niki statue on the corner headland of the Sanctuary (around 340 BC)
  • Part of a panel cover from the roof of the former Temple perhaps a work by Skopas (around 340 BC)
  • Golden Persian brooch - Achemenides Dynast (5th century BC)
  • Marble column from the palace that forbids the access to the unititiated to the sanctum (1st century)

Opening hours: daily 08.30-15.00
National holidays: 15 Αugust, 28 October: 08.30-15.00 
Contact: Paleopoli- samothraki
Phone number: 25510-41474

Archeological Museum - Samothrace Archeological Museum - Samothrace Archeological Museum - Samothrace Archeological Museum - Samothrace Archeological Museum - Samothrace
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